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Author: lanars2019

Worldbuilding simulator Take command of an entire world, transforming the surface in any way you choose! Watch as sea levels rise and fill in valleys and craters, as the atmosphere thickens and clouds begin to form, and as life begins to spread across the surface. And while you’re terraforming the environment, you will also be

Anchored In Real Science Everything in TerraGenesis is based on real science. From the surface maps and starting stats of every planet and moon in the game, to the facilities and processes you’ll use to change them. There’s even a fully-featured ecosystem simulator based on the principles of genetic engineering and biodiversity. No prior scientific

Peaceful, Celestial Settings With a peaceful, meditative soundtrack and a minimalist UI, TerraGenesis can be as thrilling or relaxing as you want. Take it slow and make subtle, the patient changes for a chill and zen experience, or take bold and rapid steps for a wild, exciting ride.

NO OTHER MOBILE GAME LIKE IT No other game takes such a deep and rich look at the process of terraforming and cultural evolution as TerraGenesis. Unique gameplay mechanics and complex simulations make every playthrough exciting and challenging, and watching a planet transform before your eyes is an experience unlike any other.